Extra information about glass bottle packaging

The home craft industry has folks excited about making products with their name on it. Everything from wine bottles with attached lid containers, Artisan Beer and Wine makers, artisan oil and vinegars, perfumes, scented oils and lotions, and as well as signature BBQ sauces and other beverages. There is resurgence in glass bottle packaging of specialty products across the country and there are no better glass makers than here in the USA. The Internet has given a new breath of fresh air to online entrepreneurs.

Extra information about glass bottle packaging


For every product that can pour there is a perfect glass bottle for it. Depending on your product you may want to stick with a clear choice, but there are many color options to choose from. Blue, green, amber, frosted is just a few of the choices, and then there are also the types of bottoms of the bottle to choose for your product.


Wine making has always been a large hobby because of our huge European population. But our father's father probably never thought that the family secret recipe for red wine could be sold on line or at a farmer's market.

The home brew beer kit has evolved into a micro-brewing phenomenon. Small brew pubs have recipe nights where by special invitation have a brew party and when the product is done they come back and have a bottling party.

The scented oil infused herbal cooking oils and vinegars, along with custom lotions trended in the 80s. But now they are back with a place to sale besides to all their friends and family and at the farmer's market. Yes the Internet has changed the way we think about our old and new-found hobbies.

Packaging options

Depending on how small or large you want your hobby turned business to be determines the packaging options. If you are indeed keeping this hobby/business for family and friends your packaging options can stay small but intimate designed. For wine and beer makers, you can print your own labels and place your bottles in an individual small slat box with shredded crinkle paper inside. If you are sending more than two you should probably look into a wholesale paper company that can provide you with boxes that have separators for in-between the bottles to keep your product safe. Remember, if you want to sell beer and wine, you will have to get a license so keep that in mind.

Scented oils or essential oils are usually packaged in a small 1-3 oz. bottle with a dropper. Essential oils have long been thought to have healing powers. Home spun lotions usually come in larger 6-8 oz. pour spout bottles.

Herb infused oils and vinegars have some of the same options as wine, but many package well with square bottoms with attached lid containers style.

Every family has that special BBQ Recipe that has been handed down. Buy a twelve pack box of bottles and pack that sauce up. Slap a label on it that says just how special it is. When you buy a twelve pack of bottles they come in the packaging box with dividers to keep the glass safe.

Glass bottle packaging can make any of your homemade/Home-style offerings look like gold.